Curtimos dançar os EIIIITS!


sábado, 8 de novembro de 2008

Note-se que segundo a minha chefe eu sou bastante tímida :P

You Are 8% Shy

You aren't shy at all, in fact, you're quite outgoing.

You are comfortable in almost any social situation, no matter how awkward or difficult it may be.

You can make conversation easily, and you know how to focus on other people.

If anything, you're the type of person who can put someone shy at ease.

2 comentários:

alguém+ neste mar de gente disse...

ahaha for me that means you are 92% egocentric =O

Precisamente Eu Mesma disse...

Actually, I think that means she's 92% bitch! And that answers my question!

End of transmission