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terça-feira, 23 de setembro de 2008

Crónicas de Mark Paul

you come with that face
Of a girl taken
To the play.

Gimme a shiver in the skin
I feel water in my mouth
To be with youuu.

You don't have a drop of ashame
Every man wants
To have a girl like you.

Acomplishing all the fantasies
Taras and manies
You come to me.

A lady in the table
A crazy in the bed
In the most safadeze
You say that you love me.

And in my head
Desvario and insane,
When you start
No one can stops you.

And move remove
Encostate ricostateeeeee....

Um comentário:

alguém+ neste mar de gente disse...

LOLOLOL depois admiras-te de eu te ligar as 2 da manhã para tu ouvires o sr taras e manies no refrão e mexe remexe!!